Mágica y



double LATIN GRAMMY award 2018

“Best Contemporary Classical Composition”

Luces y sombras. Concierto para guitarra y orquesta de cuerdas

“Best Contemporary Classical Album”

Mágica y Misteriosa

LATIN GRAMMY award 2016

“Best Contemporary Classical Composition”

Cuarteto para Buenos Aires (string quartet)


LATIN GRAMMY award 2014

“Best Contemporary Classical Composition”

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra


Argentinean composer Claudia Montero has emerged as one of the most outstanding and acclaimed composers in Latin America today. Her music “is strongly rooted in South American traditional music ... apart from the joy it expresses there is also a sort of melancholy behind the music ... not sadness, just an elegiac sense or yearning for older times ... that is rooted in Claudia’s traditions from that part of the world” (David Brophy, conductor).